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What Is a “Pear-Shaped” figure?

 If your hips are larger than
your bust, you have a
pear-shaped figure, 
which is also known as
triangle shaped.

Pear-shaped women
may also have narrow
shoulders, a small bust
and a well-defined waist.

Your size doesn't determine
your body shape; you
can be a size 6 or 26 and
be pear-shaped.

Famous examples of
pear-shaped women
include celebrities
Jennifer Lopez and

I launched She Who Pears Wins to help pear-shaped women like me discover beautiful clothes that fit perfectly.

Each season, I hand-pick a capsule collection of well-made garments from unique brands you won't find easily on the high-street.  In each item's description, you'll find its flattering style features that make it ideal for us pear-shapes.

I am also developing my own fashion line so that we can enjoy fitted clothes without nervous trips to the tailor.  Whether it's a small waist, narrow shoulders or a small bust that makes choices on the high-street limiting, you'll find styles you thought you couldn't wear with my new range.

Clothes are currently available in sizes 8 to 18 with plans to increase the range soon.

If you have any feedback or queries, I would love to hear from you.

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- Katherine Bartlett, Founder of "She Who Pears Wins"